Law Team - Zuuring Lawyers
The company founder, Diana Zuuring, initially practiced law in Germany and has an indepth knowledge of Law with experience in some of the most prestigious Law Firms in Málaga and Marbella. She is a registered Lawyer in both Germany and Spain.
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Law Team

Meet Our Law Team

Diana Zuuring – Founder, CEO & Lawyer

Diana Zuuring

Founder, CEO & Lawyer
Bruno Zuuring – Founder

Bruno Zuuring

Paula Daniela Mascaro – Lawyer – Abogada

Paula Daniela Mascaro

Desireé García – Legal Assistant

Desireé García

Legal Assistant
Esther Leiva – Legal Assistant & Accountant

Esther Leiva

Legal Assistant & Accountant
Alberto Sánchez Aprell – Lawyer – Abogado

Alberto Sánchez Aprell

Estefanía López Aguilar – Administration

Estefanía López Aguilar

Amalia de la Hera – Lawyer – Abogada

Amalia de la Hera

Kristin Rønning – Administration

Kristin Rønning

Oscar Caraballo – Tax Advisor

Oscar Caraballo

Tax Advisor
Rafael Fernández – Lawyer – Abogado

Rafael Fernández

Over the years, our commitment to excellence and passion for our clients has been recognized.